Haras TGS is highly concerned of the importance of freedom, safe and good food in order to obtain the best possible results in a breeding program. This awareness has led us to create a proper structure of pastures, grazing paddocks and areas to serve as natural and fresh green sources for the stabled horses.

The whole area is surrounded by metal fences that provide the most reliable and suitable option for horses of any age, reducing the risk of accidental injuries, for both the broodmares and their precious foals that are keep outside for the whole day and also for those who are set free to join their leisure time on a daily basis for just a couple of hours.

Irrigation is an important issue in our region because the weather can be extremely dry for over 5 months of the year and Haras TGS has implemented a irrigation system covering about 80% of the total area destined to feed and accommodate the horses.

For the fitness and physical preparation of the TGS horses, a specially designed bridge was built over an artificial lake, allowing the trainer to stay with the horse, side by side, during all the swimming session, providing him total security and control of the situation.

Other areas are dedicated to the training and schooling of the horses, for both riding and halter purposes.

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