Haras TGS has four different barns with the total of 42 large and comfortable stalls, including 2 maternities connected by the central office that allows the monitoring of the expectant mares without any discomfort for them and with total comfort and control for the veterinarian on duty.

The weaned foals have their own 12 stalls barn, all connected by side windows that allow the young horses to see, smell and share their emotions with their fellow partners from the pastures, what ends up promoting a faster and less suffered adaptation to the new experiences to come.

The central barn was built in the shape of a horseshoe and holds a total of 18 spacious stalls, along with a dorm that provides accommodation for up to 6 people, a nice garden with a water fountain, a laboratory designed to give support to insemination and other reproductive tasks and a pharmacy room.

In the main barn, the horses undergoing some specific training and conditioning are safely accommodated, enjoying an appropriate atmosphere for those who will go through strong preparation for frequent travelling and showing.

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