The Haras TGS, formerly known as Triple G Stud Farm, is proud to have one of the most complete and ideal facilities designed and built to provide all that is needed to help the professional horsemen obtain the very best results.

Always relying on a competent and well experienced team of professionals in each area of expertise, Haras TGS stands for efficiency and performance in every single task in order to provide the best for all horses and achieve the best from each horse.

This comes as a result of taking each individual horse to the highest steps while respecting his own limits and needs, establishing a very special, joyful and unique two way relationship between man and horse.

Haras TGS is also a first choice for the most respectful food manufacturers and suppliers when launching new products and services, due to the high level of professionalism and dedication of our horsemen team and the methods and criteria used for managing and monitoring the individual development of our horses.

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