In November 1987, the purchase of an Arabian stallion in a small regional auction was the beginning of a long and durable story of passion, hard work and dedication to the Arabian Horse breeding. That purchase launched the Triple G Stud Farm, formerly and kindly known as Haras TGS, due to the suffix that follows the name of the horses born there, who nowadays are admired by breeders from many countries worldwide.

The careful selection of the broodmare band was the basis of the successful TGS breeding program. Always looking for representative individuals that carry the type and strength of their pedigrees, Haras TGS has reached the goal to produce some of the most exceptional horses that honor the noble traditions of their ancestors.

The TGS breeding program is radically focused on the use of families that are remarkably consistent in certain characteristics, such as body correctness, refinement, good bone structure, size and athletic ability, with great attitude and extreme Arabian type.

In 1992, Haras TGS brought from the United States a young colt named *Shahllenger, who, after winning major shows in the USA, would go on to be the absolute sensation of the Brazilian National Show that same year. *Shahllenger, besides winning that National Champion Colt title unanimously and the Gold Colt title (over the Junior Champion), would became one of the greatest and most influential stallions of our time.

In 1993, following that amazing victory, Haras TGS also brought from the USA the stunning black mare *Promise V, already a winner at Scottsdale and a US National Top Ten mare. At the Brazilian Nationals that year, Haras TGS would definitely enter the elite of the world breeders, winning the two major titles in Brazil at once, the National Stallion Championship with *Shahllenger and the National Mare Championship with *Promise V. Those achievements confirmed how serious Haras TGS was about breeding the highest possible quality and its commitment to establish a breeding program that would help arabian breeders from many other countries to reach their goals.

It was the very first time in Brazilian history that the same breeder won the two major National titles at the same year, since the quality and competitiveness of the Shows reached the highest levels on the world stage.

Over the years, the strong influence of the stallion *Shahllenger is consolidated and is present in many individuals that have been winning titles in Brazil and abroad, including World Championships, earning the admiration and recognition from breeders around the world, attesting success of the Haras TGS breeding program and, above all, confirming the incontestable potential of the quality products sired by *Shahllenger, placing him among the most important stallions of the modern Arabian Horse breed.

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